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Dianne Gubin - Entrepreneur, Recruiter, Career Consultant, Media Personality 

In high energy, fun presentations, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and media host Dianne Gubin helps groups and individuals create purposeful "life blueprints" that are inspirational and pragmatic Dianne Gubin offers expert insight into what matters most in career and professional development. Whether you are a seasoned CEO of a major corporation or an entrepreneur launching a new business venture, discover the ultimate resource for finding today's latest breaking news about the hottest issues you face professionally.

"I've spent over a decade working with leading decision makers within major corporations and have helped thousands of individuals take steps to break through to career success. I want to share this expertise with others," says Dianne Gubin.

Dianne's Philosophy: Know Your Market Value.

So, what does it take to work in the
best companies in the country???

Zappos, a billion dollar subsidiary of, has a unique culture. Come along with TV Host Dianne Gubin, as we take a tour.

Dianne Gubin - Career Expert

Dianne Gubin is a partner in Amplify Professional Services, a top quality recruiting firm in Los Angeles, CA. This renowned speaker has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows and has her own internet radio show, "Talks Business"

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